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Mofajang Hair Dye Wax

Bundle: ALL Colors
Mofajang Hair Dye Wax is a temporary hair dye that will give you a new hair color while you are styling your hair. No need to go to the salon, made from pure organic ingredients.
Perfect for anyone who is looking for a change in their looks & style. Great for parties and costume matching. Easy coloring, easy to wash, Strong with no damage, and no stickiness. 

Usage Instruction

Mofajang is intended to be used on all types of hair: long, short, curly, straight, blonde, dark, or redhead. 

Thefinal result will besoft hair nicely colored. However, if you applied too much product, you canspray some water andtake off the extra using a brush or your hands,dry it again and it will be perfect!


  1. Does it make your hair stiff/crunchy?
    1. When you follow our instructions, it will be soft, if you apply too much and your hair is crunchy/stiff, spray a bit of water and with a brush take out the extra wax, dry it again and it will be soft.
  2. Does it come off easily?
    1. It comes off within seconds when you shampoo it!
  3. Does it leave residues? ( dandruff look ) 
    1. The product goes on smoothlyand doesn’t harden your hair so you can comb it in a way you want after applying it.
  4. Does it work on all hair types? 
    1. We are proud to say that you’ll have amazing results whichever your hair type is.
  5. Can I use it on dry hair?
    1. Using it on dry hair makes it stiff like a gel, perfect for short hair if this is your style.
Legal Disclaimer

1. Avoid contact with eyes.
2. For external use only. 


🎨 Get daily hair color updated
⏰ Applies in minutes
🌵 100% natural
🚫 No bleach
💦 Remove with one wash

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