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Portable Door Lock

Needed aprivacy on that place that doesn’t have any lock? Sick of being barged in on while in abathroom with no lock? Kids barging in your bedroom door? Needed aneasy to install lock plus you can bring it anywhere? 

ThisPortable Door Lockmight be the answer to all those questions!

It gives you additional safety, security and privacy! It is a portable industrial strength door safety device that prevents your doors from unnecessary intrusion. Making your house and rooms safe from force entry.

Portable Door Lockis a portable lock that lets you add a lock to doors that don’t have lock without using other tools. It gives you extra security in case the first lock gets broken, gets picked or if someone has a key for it.

It isvery portable that you can bring it anywhere you need it!

ThisPortable Door Lockinstalls onto any door within just seconds and gives you extra piece of mind. You can also use it even the door has an existing lock on it foradditional security.



  1. and 2. Before installing, test to see if it will fit using the flat back of the handle with stamp “test to fit” between your door and the frame where the lock is.
  2. Open door towards you and insert the claws of the Portable Door Lock into the strike of the door.
  3. This is the red handle with moving metal rod.
  4. Once the claws of the Portable Door Lock’s chrome body are inserted into the strike of the door frame, close the door. The Portable Door Lock’s chrome body is now locked in place.
  5. Take the red handle and insert the moving metal rod into the triangular hole of the body of the lock on the side between the chrome body and the door handle. The red handle will slide down till it locks the door in place.
  6. Once you have completed the steps the Portable Door Lock’s handle should be wedged against the door.


To remove thePortable Door Locklift the red handle and remove the moving metal rod from the triangular hole. The door can now be opened which will release thePortable Door Lock’sbody from the strike plate.


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