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Anti-collision UFO



This Anti-collision UFO flies just by sensing your hands! 

Toss to begin the journey! You just have to simply toss it gently in the air and it will start to fly immediately. One of the interesting feature of this UFO is that it can fly to the opposite direction when your hands are close to it. It is using the most advanced LED infrared sensor technology. No need for remotes! Just enjoy using your hand to control its direction.


Rotates 360 degree with auto fly feature. This Anti-collision UFO is built with 4 powerful rotation motors to provide the rotation flying. It auto-rotates to be aware of obstructions. If you’re not controlling it for 1-2 seconds the UFO will go down a little and then hover again. You just have to catch the UFO and flip it to stop it from flying. This is an awesome toy to play! You can make it fly indoors and will automatically avoid walls and fixtures.




Sturdy and long lasting rechargeable battery. Don’t need to buy a lot of batteries because this one is a USB rechargeable and only takes up to 30 minutes to power up. With the lithium battery, no need to worry about overcharging it automatically shuts off when it’s full. This UFO is made with soft ABS plastic that makes it an anti-crash toy.

It has 2 speed models with LED light indicator. Green light means a normal speed and a blue light for fast speed. So you can definitely play it outside even if it’s night or in your bedroom.


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