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Crystal Glass Pen

Pen Style

Looking for a unique way to create a design or art?


Crystal Glass Pen

The Crystal Glass Pen is a retro and romantic writing tool, not only absorbing the classic elements but also bringing a new pleasure to people's writing. Its exquisite appearance and smooth flow that will give you a novel experience with gorgeous colors. As long as you have a bottle of ink handy, these pens are ready to capture your thoughts anytime.

✔ Perfect for Calligraphy

✔ Variety of ink colors to choose from

✔ Easy To Use


The Crystal Glass Pen is a perfect set for beginners and advanced calligraphers.Each pen is hand-crafted with high borosilicate glass, gone through fabulous craftsmanship and strict quality control, giving an amazing feel in your hands, and on the paper. The nice ink flow will give you honest, fun, and direct writing or sketching experience.


The evolution of the Crystal Glass Pen is not only its function but its craft. How to make an exquisite glass pen has become the direction pursued by the traditional glass pen factory.

The spiral nib is designed to increase ink adsorption and extend the writing time, made of high borosilicate material and heat-resistant glass. Moreover, the less the impurities, the more glittering the pen will be, so the craftsmanship to exert its best is more about a craftsman's capability.

Great Decoration and Meaningful Gift

A well-packaged in giftable boxes to increase its high-grade texture is a perfect decoration on your desk, a wonderful gift choice for friends and family on festivals, birthdays, as well as a great sign pen at a wedding, ceremony, or party.


  • Artistic & Versatile: Multi-color optional, classic, and elegant. The silver foil embellishment increased the high-grade texture of the glass pen, set off the gorgeous color of the glass pen.
  • Easy to clean: Easily rinse clean with water and dry with paper in just 10 seconds. Quickly switch between different colors without having to refill the pen.
  • Elegant and Smooth: The dipped pen has a spiral design that increases ink absorption and makes the ink flow along the grooves for smooth writing. The grooves extend writing time to 40-60 words per dip.
  • Limitless CreativityThe Mystique set offers a range of colorful pens to choose from. They come in a compact 4 ink set or a larger 12 ink set.
Everything from drawing to calligraphy is now possible with our glass dip pen.

Crystal Glass Pen Color Range:
  • Sky Blue
  • Sparkle
  • Deep Blue
  • Cloud White
  • Earth Green
  • Diamond

Using Tips:

  • Dip the pen slightly in an ink bottle. (Note: Nib should be only partially submerged to avoid inkblots.)
  • Glide nib against the ink-bottle opening to drain excess ink. When ink no longer drips down from the nib it is ready to write with.
  • Use your glass pen to write notes, letters, wedding invitations, etc. Re-dip in ink if necessary.
  • Please don't put it inside of the table or other things to avoid breaking.

What's Inside: 

  • 1 x Mystique Glass Pen
  • 12 x Ink Pack OR 4 x Ink Pack


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