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Curly Bun Comb Clip

Mix Walnut

It's hard to get the perfect curly bun you want? And hard to avoid damagesduring the process? Now you can achieve themost fabulous curly bun, is such a nice way to style your hair especially for parties, and totally stay away from the damages. 

Our Curly Bun Comb Clip is theeasiest and hassle-free way to wear the stylish messy bun confidently everywhere you are. It is designed to instantly have curly buns without needing hot curlers and just attaching the soft comb clips to your natural hair.

TheseCurly Bun Comb Clip are made withpremium-quality materials that make itlook like your natural hair, too. It also features asuper elastic band that will ensure that throughthick or thin, it will fit.