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DIY Nail Extension Kit

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You really love your nail look gorgeous, but you don't even have time to go to the salon.

Make Your Nails Gorgeous and Fabulous!

We love to present to you OurDIY Nail Extension Kit to make your nails look gorgeous even when you are in your home. With OurDIY Nail Extension Kit,  you can havebeautiful nails in a flash. You can have professional looking nails in justminutes without the need for a nail tech. It is the perfect solution if you want to save money while at home.

DIY Nail Extension Kit is soquick and easy to use. It comes with everything you need to have gorgeous nails all in one kit.Simply choose the color that suits you best.

There is no reason why you shouldn't have perfectly manicured nails even when you cannot get to the salon. Our DIY Nail Extension Kit will give you exquisite finely crafted finger nails. No one will know you did it yourself. You will have everyone asking where you got your nails done.

DIY Nail Extension Kit combines the benefit of  bothacrylic and hard gel in a revolutional formula. It iseasy to use and effortlessly lets you create various ornate and beautiful nail extensions indifferent shapes, lengths and nail art design.

No more dealing with tacky press onnails, glues, artificial tips, liquid to powder ratio, strong odours. Airborne dust and all that hassle that comes with regular nail extensions. Offering you the ability to create strong, flexible feather-light nails that look completely natural and blend so seamlessly that you forget you are wearing any enhancements.

OurDIY Nail Extension Kit comes with everything that would ever need to achieve glamorous nail extensions - Polygel tube, nail forms, gel brush, spatula, base coat plus a mini nail dryer/curler, making this kit perfect for both personal and professional use.

Simply prep your nails, take a bead of gel and place it on the inner side of the dual form and move it gently with the gel brush and slip liquid to create the desired nail length. Then apply the dual form onto your natural nails, press it gently and cure it under the UV light. Once done simply remove the nail form and file the nails to desired shape. Apply the top coat and VIOLA! Stunning nails right at home and in no time!

Gorgeous Nails in a whim

Getting beautiful and gorgeous nails has never been so easy. Whether you want long, short bold or minimalist or gem embellished nails TheDIY Nail Extension Kit lets you create the desired length or shape creating perfect gorgeous nails every time without any hassle. You can use regular gel or shellac polish on top for a variety of looks and colors or place gems to create stunning nails as if you just stepped out of a nail salon.

Easy to apply 

Whether you are a nail expert or just a do it yourself beginner, with theDIY Nail Extension Kit you can achieve those perfect gorgeous nails all in a few simple steps. The gel consistency of putty is so moldable and already comes premixed so you can create beautiful nails easily and effortlessly. Providing you with a smooth flawless finish. Choose from a variety of colors. 


Not everyone has the time or patience to visit the salon weekly for a refresh. WithDIY Nail Extension Kit simply bring the salon to your home and save on monthly expenses too. Now you can get professional nails by doing it yourself with minimal effort. It dries quickly and turns into a hard nail like structure in seconds, requiring only 30-60s curing time with curing lamp, making it a great addition to both nail salons and DIY nail art from the comfort of your home.

Nails that last Long

It's time to move on from traditional nail extensions, acrylic or gel nails that take time and money weekly and that don't last long. The poly gel nails are lighter and more natural just like your own nails. No one will notice that you are wearing it! DIY Nail Extension Kit unique formula is stronger than hard gels and can easily last for up to 4 weeks, making it a ladies favorite. 


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