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Easy Way - Baby Carrier


Tired of carrying your baby all day, especially at the mall or when travelling? Getting back aches after? Want your baby to be moresafe andcomfortable while you carry her? Looking for amulti-function carrier?

ThisEasy Way - Baby Carrieris perfect for you!

You can carry your babypain-free!Thisergonomic design of theEasy Way - Baby Carrierthat hasstorage pack, allows you tocomfortably carry your baby without any pain to your shoulders, arms, wrists and waist. TheEasy Way - Baby Carriersecures firmly around your waist andact as a stool for your baby to rest on.



Safe and Comfortable

It isguaranteed safe because it is made fromnon-toxic material and doesn’t have any unpleasant odors. Made up of100% polyester material,medical food-grade silicon surface andEPP shock absorbent cushion that can support your babyeffectively andcomfortably.

Adjustable and Easy to use

The Easy Way - Baby Carrieris adjustable to fit any size waist up to 47 inches. It also snaps easily into place. It will only take seconds to put on or take off. Can hold babies up to 70lbs.


Multiple Positions

ThisEasy Way - Baby Carrier allows you to hold your baby however you like. Not like other baby carriers that requires you to carry them at a certain position.

No more inconvenient unstrapping

Strapping and unstrapping your baby to pick them up or set them down are over! TheEasy Way - Baby Carrier secures around your waist not around your child, you can lift or set them down whenever you like or need.

Fantastic Storage

The storage pack allows you to conveniently store items limiting the need for an additional pouch or diaper bag. It also have a handy outer pocket for your cellular phone.


Highly recommended by Doctors

OurEasy Way - Baby Carrier helps you distribute your baby’s weight across your entire body. No more moving the baby around in different positions to release muscle fatigue. Approved by a lot of Doctors, the position that keeps your baby’s legs rest on both sides of the Easy Way - Baby Carrierhelps prevent scoliosis and other future ways of having an issue on spinal as an adult.

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