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FlyCatcher - Electric Fly Catcher

Are you annoyed by flies?
We present you the



Wireless Electric Fly Catcher is an innovative way to catch those pesky Flies and Mosquitoes.

Its new technology traps these pests in a way never seen before.  As the motor turns, the flies get trapped beneath the blade, It's genius!

The Electric Flycatcher has a series of bowls around the perimeter of the trap where you can place something that will attract flying insects.
FlyCatcher is completely safe for kids and the elderly. It’s powered by a USB cable. This house fly trap won't make any noise. So none will notice that there is a flycatcher in your house.

Things like soda, syrup, or whatever else flies love to eat up. Then just turn it on, and the trap will rotate its arm around the edge.

Scooping up all of the flies that are eating the goodness placed out for them in the bait traps. 

Highly efficient in capturing flies/mosquitoes!

This product features: 

✅ The high-quality plastic material, non-toxic and safe
✅ Anti-shock and crush resistant
✅ Easy to use and easy to clean
✅ Silent and Efficient against Flies and Mosquitos
✅ Powered by USB cable

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