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Full Body Resistance Trainer


Wanting to enhance your speed and strength? 

Looking for effective equipment to burn fat at home?


This product will surely help you! Full-Body Resistance Trainer can enhance your speed, power, and also increase your muscle strength and burn fat. You should grab this now!



Benefits from Full-Body Resistance Trainer

✔ Enhances your performance of everyday tasks.
✔ Greater Stamina
✔ Increases muscle strength
✔ Train exact motions and forms
✔ Helps maintain your guard
✔ Protects your joints

Resistance training plays an enormous part in everyday training and with the help of our Full-Body Resistance Trainer, you can now train the exact motions, forms used in your sport whether at home or in the gym.

Full-Body Resistance Trainer adds a total of 80/160 lbs of resistance (varies, 80 lbs variant has 20 lbs of resistance in each band and the 160 lbs variant has 40 lbs in each) to your movements which will help increase your speed and power by making your muscles work against an opposing force.


✔ Lightweight and compact design - designed with an athlete in mind, small and compact applying the resistance where it is only needed. It also allows you to have normal movements but with additional resistance.

✔ Durable and High Quality- made from high-quality natural latex, nylon fabric, and ABS providing comfort, ease, and safety of use.

✔ Designed from a biomechanical perspective - to improve the movement and strength of your whole body

✔ Adjustable fit -the belt is padded to give comfort to your waist. It is also adjustable and can be fit from 28.7 inches up to 41.9 inches, both wrist and ankle straps can also be adjusted to fit so that you can get the perfect and comfortable workout.

✔ Adjustable resistance - buckles are adjustable elastic rope to increase resistance and meet your different requirements.

✔ Enhances your physical abilities– adding resistance to your body movements improves your speed, unstable control and also increases muscle strength.

✔ Suitable for different types of Training Program –additional benefit of burning those excess calories. It is also excellent for killer-cardio workout.

✔ Protects your joints –allows you to train harder yet don’t add tension to your joints.

✔ Helps maintain your guard –by adding a downward force to your arms that will add strength to your guard.

TheFull Body Resistance Trainer provides the perfect amount of resistance to continue proper technique and integrity of striking movements. Improved flexibility, posture, and balance. it also reduced the riskof experiencing a health problem during physical activity.

How to Wear


Material: Latex
Product color: Red, Black, and Blue
Product size: 270*220*110mm/10.6*8.7*4.3in

Full Body Trainer Resistance set inclusions

✔ 4 x High-Quality Resistance Bands
✔ 2x Adjustable Ankle Straps
✔ 2 x Wrist Straps
✔ 2 x Foam Handle
✔ An Adjustable Waist Belt
✔ A Carrier Bag

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