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Hydro Jet High-Pressure Power Nozzle

Still, doing the old and time-consuming way of cleaning your car or home?
Remove ALL Dirt, Mold, and Stain

Don't worry, We have the RIGHT tool for you, Here is the Hydro Jet High-Pressure Power Nozzle, removing dirt and stain has never been this EASY!

The Hydro Jet High-Pressure Power Nozzlemakes it possible to deep-clean hard toremove dirt and stains in just a matter of seconds!No Scrubbing or Pressure Washer Needed!


Jet Stream High-Pressure Nozzle

Removes dirt and stains with streams of high-pressure water. Clean your car or the walls of your house easily and enjoyably like it's a walk in the park! Twist nozzle head to change water pressure.



Conventional pistol grip w/ rear trigger design

Designed for easier water flow control and comfortable handling! Bust AwayALL Dirt and Mold!

Long barrel rod design

For cleaning hard to reach places such as under your car and tight corners that you can't fit into! You can now reach places that are far from the water source!

Non-leak flexible water hose

Features a non-leak water hose that extends longer once injected with a Secure Quick Connect Fitting. Attachable on ALL faucet types.

Rotating spray nozzle offers a wide range of usage

From cleaning stubborn stains, washing your car to watering your garden plants!



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