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KeepItUp - Adjustable Bra (60% OFF + FREE SHIPPING)

How many times have you avoided wearing a certain outfit – simply because you didn’t have a bra to match? Or rather didn’t know what’s the right bra to wear underneath! Well, your search is over. Our KeepItUp - Adjustable Bra is here to take care of all your needs, fit for any outfit or occasion!
This revolutionary bra is adjusted with staples located at the back of the bra. It has 4 staples at each end. This mechanism allows a precise adjustment. In addition, our KeepItUp - Adjustable Bra comes with two sets of straps of different sizes which allow you to adjust your bra to your waist size.
Feel free to wear any kind of outfit, the bra will adjust to it!
What will you get in your package?
  • A KeepItUp  adjustable bra;
  • Two sets of straps (transparent and colored);
  • Two back headbands (transparent and colored).