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Marker Pen for Highlight


Looking for a unique pen style for your art or design?


Marker Pen for Highlight

These smooth, skip-free Marker Pens are perfect for everything from writing letters to decorating greeting cards, they contain metallic ink that adds a stylish finishing touch. If you want to craft a beautiful greeting card or add luster to an illustration, Marker Pen for Highlight is the best tool for making your work sparkle. (480×479)


Whenever the occasion calls for some shine, you can count on these pens to get the job done. These pens have vivid and long-lasting ink so that notes, labels, and embellishments stay sparkly over time. They write well on a variety of different surfaces, which makes them versatile tools in any pen case.

Marker Pen for Highlight chunky bodies feel comfortable to grasp and are easy to control. Unlike standard markers, they do not bleed significantly on copy paper. They show up well on dark paper as well as metal, glass, plastic, and many other surfaces.

Marker pen for Highlight has a permanent inkformula that prevents the metallic particles from flaking off when exposed to water. It’s also quick drying so you won’t accidentally create blemishes before it dries.


  • Non-toxic (xylene-free) odorless, suitable for all ages of people to use safely. Children under 3-years old should be used under the supervision of an adult
  • Outline design - The shiny metallic color selection allows you to create unique designs and fonts in no time.
  • Suitable for DIY projects - great for arts, crafts, school projects, coloring, stamping, Gift cards, Greeting cards, Christmas cards, DIY Craft Projects, Personality Posters, Paintings, Photo album. Also suitable for almost any surface, such as metal, pottery, wood, rubber, glass, plastic, stone, etc.
  • Easy to useWith the cap on, shake the marker well to mix the ink. Take off the cap and gently press down the tip on the surface a few times to pump the ink until it starts to flow. For best results, re-cap the markers immediately after use and store horizontally. 
  • Available in 12 ink setMetallic silver line markers with 12 vibrant double line colors


  • QTY: 8 PCs/ 12 PCs
  • Pack Material: PVC, PP
  • Pen Size: 13.2/13.5 cm
  • Color: as the image shows
  • Package: 1 set of Marker Pens


  • It is recommended to press the pen with the pen facing upwards 2-3 times to make the pen exhaust of body gas to prevent ink from leakage
  • Please close the cap after use to prevent the ink from evaporating


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