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Menstrual Reliever


The Heating pad that saved the day for more than 10.000 women!

Menstrual Pain affects over 80% of women, with 41% percent reporting bad cramps leaving them unfocused and unable to go about life as they usually do.

Heating therapy has been used for ages for treating menstrual pain working like a charm and relaxing the muscle of your uterus. It is those muscles that cause period cramps.

The Menstrual Relivever gets rid of the menstrual pain in over 90% of the cases without the need to take anti-inflammatory medication.  No medication required! That's a YEY for you! 

Made for women by women, because we want you strong.

Manage your day

Menstrual Reliever is a must have for women who wish to manage their menstrual pain as well as anyone who’s tired of dealing with a stiff back and sore muscles from sitting in a fixed position all day.