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Pest Reject

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Imagine a home without pests, experience a pest-free home now with this proven and tested Pest Reject insect repeller.

The main problem in most households is how to get rid of insects. Though there are many insecticides and pest repellents in the market, it is still hard to say if which one is effective or not. With the new improved technology, we have come up of this very first pest control that will surely won't let you down.Our Pest Reject is your savior from those dangerous insects.

Why Pest Reject?
  👉Easy to use. Simply plug it to the electricity socket.
  👉No chemical content.
  👉Powered by ultrasonic sound waves that will automatically kill pests insects.
  👉Safe to both pets and humans.
  👉Low voltage.
  👉Can be placed anywhere!

  • Highly effective: This ultrasonic pest repeller utilizes the most advanced ultrasonic technology, using 22KHz - 65KHz ultrasonic frequencies to drive away household pests. Effective against mice, cockroaches, mosquitoes, flies, bed bugs, spiders, ants, and other pests.

  • Advantages: Unlike traditional pest control methods (such as mouse traps and poison sprays), this method is 100% non toxic.  In addition, as it repels pests rather than killing them, there is no messy clean up.
  • Usages: The red light will illuminate when it is working. Pest reject repeller is effective across 800 - 1200 square feet (indoor use).
  • Effect: Within 3 to 4 weeks, you should be able to see the effects of the ultrasonic pest repeller as pests gradually begin to leave your home. If you are not satisfied, we stand by our products with a guarantee. 

A highly recommended pest repellent that will give you a safe environment from those dangerous pests and insects that can cause illness to both pets and humans. Guaranteed effective and indeed a perfect present to any families especially those who have kids at home. Say goodbye to insects with our Pest Reject!

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