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Smart Ear Cleaner


We usually use traditional cotton swabs to clean our ear, by using traditional cotton swabs isdangerous to use can cause pain or push wax deeper into your ear. Smartly clean your ears.

Introducing our Smart Ear Cleaner is the soft, spiral, grooved head that's designed to go the perfect distance into the ear without causing damage. This is the new and innovative ear swab and the best way to clean your ears comfortably and safely.


Guaranteed to completely extract ear wax with its spiral design. You just need to insert it into your ear and twist in direction of the arrow to grab and collect earwax.


Soft and flexible silicone tip won't scratch or injure your ears. Stops ear wax build-up and improves hearing with frequent use.


Easy to use even for kids and the elderly. Just push it gently into your ear canal and twist slightly to easily remove earwax.


It comes with 15 replacement silicone heads that are easy to attach and remove. To replace with the new heads, press on both sides of the tip and push forward for it to be released.


  • Simply twist the handle and the soft, flexible tip with spiral grooves easily removes the earwax.
  • Disposable tips are easy to discard. Simply to throw away the used tip.
  • Total 16 flexible, washable and silicone soft tips, good for family use.
  • Effectively remove ear wax, give your ear a better massage.
  • Very easy to use and convenient to clean

What's in the packet:

  • 1 Ear Swab Handle 
  • 16 Soft Tips


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