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Temporary Hair Dye Chalk



  • Simply wash with shampoo to remove
  • Suitable with every hair color
  • Easy to apply and effect in 10 seconds
  • Can last all day long
  • Non-frizzy and skip the mess


Suitable for every hair colors from white hair to grey to blonde to gold and other hair colors even black colored hair. And it’s also suitable for every ages with long or short hair.

Easy to wash with shampoo, you just need water, shampoo and towel to remove the colors in just a few minutes, but it sure won’t mess in the rain and won’t stain any fabric especially your clothes and pillow.


Easy to apply and effects in just 10 seconds and safe for your hair. It will save you more time and you can use it even when you’re in a rush. You can use it on any occasions and you can change it anytime, anywhere you want or need. You can also have a multi-colored hair in seconds! And it won’t damage you’re hair!

Different colors can be used to create your own stunning hair style. A perfect color collection you’ll ever have.

Easy and very safe to carry everywhere you go. It is very compact that it only needs a little space in your bag.





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