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Transparent Furniture Protector Film

Are you looking to protect your furniture from scratches and keep it brand new?
No more scratches, hard-to-clean stains!

Here is Our
Transparent Furniture Protector Film is all you need tokeep your furniture glassy and brand new for a long time!



Protects your furniture fromall unwanted scratches and damages.

UV-proof material prevents furniture from fading and getting old.

Made fromtransparent, reflective and smooth PETE material.

It can beeasily applied to any solid and smooth surfaces. Suitable for glass, marble, kitchen tops, etc.

Installation Instructions:

5 Easy Steps to Keep Your Furniture Brand New

STEP 1 : Clean and Wet the surface with water.

STEP 2 : Peel off the protective layer.

STEP 3 : Place the film on the surface and wet it with water

(This makes driving out bubbles easier)

STEP 4 : Drive out water bubbles.

STEP 5 : Cut off the excess

Proven to take less than5 minutes

Suitable for all smooth and solid surfaces!

100% Transparent & Full Time Protection - this crystal clear table protector is completely transparent which allows you to showcase the beauty of your tabletops, and countertops!

Easy to clean: waterproof, stain-proof, anti-grease, and high-temperature resistance of up to 180°C!

Kitchen Countertop: effective protection, completely transparent and does not affect the overall style of your kitchen.

This product is also suitable for:

Marble, granite


Furniture surfaces, worktops, desks

Smooth walls and surfaces

Made from special technology:our transparent film will not leave any glue or residue after removal.


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