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Ultimate Cutting Tool

A hand-tool for the do-it-yourselfer 

A cutting tool, a measuring tape, and a pencil, all with one handle.

When it comes to working, it's all about speed and efficiency. With the Ultimate Drywall Cutting Tool, you have everything that you need to measure, mark, and cut in no time!

 It is not only efficient but also easy to use, take advantage of the pilot whole when you need to mark that circle on the board and make use of the Carpenters Pencil and blades to get your work done from a single move.

 All available in one single tool, at the press of a button.

Built-in heavy-duty 16 feet (5 meters) by 1-inch measuring tape with secure lock allows you to easily measure and transfer to drywall or any other material in seconds, being ready to cut or mark in seconds. 

Designed to last, the Ultimate Cutting Tool has a body of Integral aluminum alloy and TPR plastics composition giving it a strong structure that will last for years in any work site.

An amazing slip-free grip and improved durability are guaranteed by the rubberized handle due to the industrial level rubber.

Measure the gap you need to fill, press the lock switch, and you can start to cut/mark.

You can mark any wood board with the Carpenters Pencil in perfectly straight lines as well as circles.

The Drywall Cutting Tool is perfect for anyone that works with drywalls, cardboards, foam boards, wood boards, and any other board that needs to be cut or marked.

It doesn’t matter if you’re a beginner, professional, or something in the middle, the tool will serve you great and for a long time saving you time and making it easier.

Package Includes:

  • 1 Gypsum Board Cutter
  • 1 Carpenters Pencil
  • 5 Blades


Q: Can I cut a circle instead of just mark it?

A: Yes, If the material allows it (i.e. foam/gypsum) then you can cut out the circle from the first try.

Q: How resistant are the blades?

A: You don’t have to worry about the blades, the reserves will last for years! Each blade can be used on both sides and beside this there are 5 of them!

Q: Is the handle slippery?

A: The handle is covered with a special rubber designed to give it a grip that won’t slip.

Q: Can you lock the measuring tape? 

A: Yes, the measuring tape has a lock in the form of a switch on the left side of the tool, you have to push it down and it will be locked.


Q: Is it suitable for home projects, mainly cardboard cutting. 

A: Yes, the Ultimate Cutting Tool is a great fit for working with cardboards, any type of soft boards or wood boards.