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Ultimate Cutting Tool

A hand-tool for the do-it-yourselfer 

A cutting tool, a measuring tape, and a pencil, all with one handle.

The Ultimate Cutting Tool


Q: Can I cut a circle instead of just mark it?

A: Yes, If the material allows it (i.e. foam/gypsum) then you can cut out the circle from the first try.

Q: How resistant are the blades?

A: You don’t have to worry about the blades, the reserves will last for years! Each blade can be used on both sides and beside this there are 5 of them!

Q: Is the handle slippery?

A: The handle is covered with a special rubber designed to give it a grip that won’t slip.

Q: Can you lock the measuring tape? 

A: Yes, the measuring tape has a lock in the form of a switch on the left side of the tool, you have to push it down and it will be locked.


Q: Is it suitable for home projects, mainly cardboard cutting. 

A: Yes, the Ultimate Cutting Tool is a great fit for working with cardboards, any type of soft boards or wood boards.