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Ultimate Ice Tray

An easy way to make and serve clean ice cubes. Fill, freeze, and pop! Your ice is ready to be served without touching it. 

Our Ultimate Ice Tray is always ready to serve you a cold and refreshing drink.


Enjoy the freedom of bringing your ice cubes anywhere with our Ultimate Ice Tray.  You simply fill it with water, like a bottle, and place it in the freezer like a conventional ice cube tray but because of its design, there is no worry about spilling any water! It is 100% watertight and the closed container prevents odor absorption in the freezer.

You leave the water to freeze like a normal ice cube tray but when it comes to getting the ice cubes out, that is something different. All you do is remove the lid and use the handles to pull the ice cubes apart then you can pour them out into a glass when you need them without having to touch them.


Ultimate Ice Tray makes 36 ice cubes and can be easily taken anywhere because it keeps your ice frozen for longer. The thermo effective closed container limits melting, even after several hours at room temperature!

Space optimal and Limited melting

Designed for stacking in the freezer in any position and it is created to be space optimal.

Thermo effective closed container. Limited melting, even after several hours in room temperature. It is very easy to pour out melted water to ensure you only get ice in the drink.


Easy to transport and Environmentally Friendly

You can bring the Ultimate Ice Tray anywhere with you. Optimal to bring on a picnic, or just serve ice on the terrace.

Phthalate and BPA free. It can be reused 1,000’s of times, reducing plastic waste. It is therefore more sustainable and environmentally friendly.

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