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Waterproof Electric Heated Gloves

Do you love doing winter stuffed outside that you can enjoy your winter adventure?  But you can't handle the freezing temperature by using regular gloves? We introduce ourWaterproof Electric Heated Gloves that perfect for embarking your winter adventure. Let nothing stop you from having a thrilling blast-whether you are skiing through a snowy hill or just camping out in the dead of winter. Bear the brunt of cold winds, rain and spray with yourWaterproof Electric Heated Gloves.

The benefits of theseWaterproof Electric Heated Gloves are toEffectively reduce the number of plugging and unplugging of the power cable, causing the power cable to break and completely solve the problem of the total winding legs of the power cable in thepast, and ride the car withconfidence.



The surface of the glove is made ofwater-repellent cloth. The splashing water willautomatically slide down the beads, will not soak the gloves, and it is a very good choice for dealing with the general rain and skiing.3200 mAh lithium large capacity battery; three-speed temperature adjustment; suitable for different weather temperatures.


The palm of the glove is made of wear-resistant PU so that the glove has a superior grip, firmly grasp the trekking pole, preventing disengagement, and easily control.


The surface of the glove has a reflective strip design, which has a safety reminder when riding or exercising at night.


You can keep your handswarm at any time in the cold winter, and it iseasier and safer to go out.


Equipped with a pair of gloves holding bracelets, in case of loss of gloves when removing gloves, and prevent extreme winter sports fast.

TheseWaterproof Electric Heated Gloves are better than regular gloves because of these reasons.

  • Great for skiing, snowboarding, work, and other outdoor activities.
  • Can heat for up to 5 hours.
  • Rechargeable lithium-ion battery.
  • 3 temperature options ( range from 93 degrees F to 111 degrees F)
  • Liners can be removed and used separately.
  • Easy to use On/Off switch.


  • 1. Take out the black case from gloves pocket.
    2. Put 3200 mAh batteries into each black case(the batteries are not included).
    3. Connect the black case to the plug located in the glove's pocket.
    4. Switch ON/OFF button on the black case.
    5. Press and hold the 3 levels heat control button on the back of gloves when you see the lights on.
    6. Press the 3 levels to heat control button to adjust the temperatures,
    Red (High), Green(Medium), Blue(Low).

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